Quite here always means busy!  The expected slow down that these colder months can sometimes bring has not occurred.  Some day I will catch up the blog!

In the mean time, this little guy was in front of my camera last week. Little Hayden is such a miracle! Born at 30 weeks! – and after a stay in the NICU at Buffalo Children’s Hospital, he is now so healthy and strong! Captured here at 9 weeks, and still before his due date. Those eyes!



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To all those who follow my work here, I am sorry for so few updates!  I am in the crazy of giving my best to clients, and just can’t keep up with doing so, and posting!  A bit of recent work can be found on FB or Instagram, and there are almost 9 years of images here in the archives for those wanting a look.  Many sessions this time of year are used as gifts, and are kept completely quiet until after the Holidays, another reason for the silence.

In 2012, I was offered the opportunity to teach a photography class for an International school, and since that time have added two other Photo classes, and an Entrepreneurship class to the roster. Most of this takes place during the Spring semester, which helps to level out the work load a bit.  This year though (2015) I assumed a fall photo class, which has taken an already busy season into a new level of busy. So while I hope to update my website at some point … Here are a few recent images from different sessions on my desktop at the moment.  My clients are so beautiful!

2015-10-19_0001 2015-10-19_0006 2015-10-19_0003 IMG_0015c2 IMG_0122cw2 IMG_0489c IMG_0338-2ccw IMG_0584cw2 2015-10-19_0005 2015-10-19_0011 2015-10-19_0004 IMG_0411cw2 IMG_0247cw 2015-10-19_0008 IMG_0020cw IMG_0131cw IMG_0009cw 2015-10-19_0010 2015-10-19_0009 2015-10-19_0007 2015-10-19_0002


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I captured Jake’s older sister Crystal’s senior pictures several years ago, so I was excited to hear from his family; that they were now looking to book a session for Jake.

This handsome HS Senior spends his weekend’s go-kart racing.  This is such a big part of his life, and so it was nice to make it a part of our session.  We had to work with a bit of unexpected rain, (for this shot and others) but what a fun and talented young man! IMG_0312cwblog

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