This is the time of year where my classes are a wrap for the summer and I take on the crazy of more than full time shooting. It is a truly hectic season May – Nov, I work really hard at what I do, but also enjoy it so much.

The first week in June I was taking a horse back riding lesson, where things went badly and I came off. The accident resulted in a concussion, whiplash, and a completely shattered arm and elbow.  I had emergency surgery that required extensive hardware to reconstruct and complications that required a week long hospital stay. After coming home I was sent back to the hospital two additional times and the culmination of it all has made for a very traumatic run.

I’m currently four weeks out from the accident and still feeling really weak, but hoping things improve a bit faster over time. The doctors have made it clear that my arm will never be the same, and out of commission entirely for 4-6 months.  I am hoping with therapy starting next week, I can get things back to work much sooner!  I injured my right and dominant arm, and that has made life a little more complicated. I am working to edit left handed to finish already captured sessions, and once I regain my strength I plan to get creative and find ways to shoot and function.
This has been devastating personally, but is also so difficult professionally as I’m having to cancel, refer out, or reschedule all of my summer sessions, that were booked so long before now. In nine years of shooting I’ve never had to cancel a session, and I am so invested in every client, that this has been very disappointing.

I write all of this to slow the summer inquiries coming from this site. I appreciate the interest so much, and would have loved to work each family in. I am trying to keep up with responding to each one, and it’s overwhelming. The reality is I will not be able to schedule anything for July or August. If I am able, very late summer, I will be trying to shoot those already on my calendar.

For clients interested in fall sessions, (particularly late fall) I ask that you please still consider me. I’m hopeful that by then I’ll be back in the game, but I won’t know until it nears a bit. I will post here and on Facebook when I’m able to schedule sessions again, in the meantime I can be reached through my website if needed.

Thank you all for your patience, and I’m sorry to those of you I have not been able to shoot.

Below are a few images on my desktop at the moment …

IMG_0040-2cwblog IMG_0376wc IMG_0079w2cblo IMG_0087we


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Quite here always means busy!  The expected slow down that these colder months can sometimes bring has not occurred.  Some day I will catch up the blog!

In the mean time, this little guy was in front of my camera last week. Little Hayden is such a miracle! Born at 30 weeks! – and after a stay in the NICU at Buffalo Children’s Hospital, he is now so healthy and strong! Captured here at 9 weeks, and still before his due date. Those eyes!



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To all those who follow my work here, I am sorry for so few updates!  I am in the crazy of giving my best to clients, and just can’t keep up with doing so, and posting!  A bit of recent work can be found on FB or Instagram, and there are almost 9 years of images here in the archives for those wanting a look.  Many sessions this time of year are used as gifts, and are kept completely quiet until after the Holidays, another reason for the silence.

In 2012, I was offered the opportunity to teach a photography class for an International school, and since that time have added two other Photo classes, and an Entrepreneurship class to the roster. Most of this takes place during the Spring semester, which helps to level out the work load a bit.  This year though (2015) I assumed a fall photo class, which has taken an already busy season into a new level of busy. So while I hope to update my website at some point … Here are a few recent images from different sessions on my desktop at the moment.  My clients are so beautiful!

2015-10-19_0001 2015-10-19_0006 2015-10-19_0003 IMG_0015c2 IMG_0122cw2 IMG_0489c IMG_0338-2ccw IMG_0584cw2 2015-10-19_0005 2015-10-19_0011 2015-10-19_0004 IMG_0411cw2 IMG_0247cw 2015-10-19_0008 IMG_0020cw IMG_0131cw IMG_0009cw 2015-10-19_0010 2015-10-19_0009 2015-10-19_0007 2015-10-19_0002


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