It is always fun to be acknowledged in publications and magazines! -and there are a few different ways in which this takes place.

Editorial jobs are when you are hired by a company, magazine, or publication in advance. Your role is then to coordinate, style, and arrange a shoot of a person(s), product, or scene for print. These jobs can be a lot of work, and they generally include a paycheck.

In contrast being Featured happens after the fact. Features can be of an individual session, a category of your work, or even you as a business/artist as a whole. An editor will find or use images you have already taken for a past client, and decide they would be useful to their form of media. You have little control over the images chosen and how they are represented. In this situation your time and image is in exchange for publicity.

I have been honored to have many editorial jobs in the last five years. It is so rewarding to see my work in print, and a stretching and challenging experience to convey the vision of my client in the format and layout they require, rather than just my own. (For example magazine cover’s need shot vertical 8-1/2 x 11 with room for a title and headlines, this is not my typical way of shooting.)

Features do not put food on the table, but to me they are very meaningful. At this point in the photography industry, there are few defined standards. Consistent and quality work to the un-informed person can be relative and subjective. So being acknowledged by those in the industry, and to be chosen for publication by editors who have a trained eye is always a privilege. Secondly, I have such beautiful clients!! – and it is always nice to see them get a second round of deserved attention!

Below are a few features and editorial jobs from 2012. The “Featured In” tab above will list several more for anyone interested, though that needs updated also.

(The images below are screenshots, full features can be found by clicking on the Feature Title.)

Bump Smitten Maternity Feature

Inspire Me Baby: Guest writer in regards to Harnessing Natural Light

Done Brilliantly – Artist Feature


Style Sweets Magazine


Baby Lifestyles Magazine – (February/March – 2012)

Senior Style Guide (2012)

Indie Tot

Laporte Jewelers – Spring Advertisement 2012

Editorial: I was hired to set up a photo shoot for this company’s 2012 marketing campaign last January. The results were lovely, and my clients/models did such an amazing job! The company owners were looking for images that conveyed the timeless and generational aspects of their jewelry. This image was chosen for their first round of print.

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This adorable family found themselves blessed with gift certificates during their baby shower for a newborn shoot. When this cute little guy made his arrival, it was my honor to capture their new family of three! These images will always be cherished, and far outlast even the nicest baby clothing or furniture. I was so happy to be a part of such a thoughtful and enduring gift!

I have yet to see a newborn smile as often as this little guy did! Welcome to our world sweet boy!

2013-02-26_0002.jpg 2013-02-26_0015.jpg 2013-02-26_0001.jpg 2013-02-26_0003.jpg 2013-02-26_0009.jpg 2013-02-26_0013.jpg 2013-02-26_0010.jpg 2013-02-26_0007.jpg 2013-02-26_0008.jpg 2013-02-26_0006.jpg 2013-02-26_0004.jpg 2013-02-26_0016.jpg 2013-02-26_0020.jpg 2013-02-26_0018.jpg 2013-02-26_0017.jpg 2013-02-26_0022.jpg

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This adorable couple were scheduled for a cozy late Oct. photo shoot, which in Western, NY usually means – cold! A bit of a chill can sometimes lends nicely to the coziness of a shoot, and naturally encourage cuddling and the warmth that makes an image so striking. So we were prepared. The weeks prior to this session had been downright freezing (literally), and recent wind/rain storms had stripped most of the fall colors away. It was such an extraordinary surprise that on the day of this shoot it was 75 and sunny. So warm!! We also found some of the most beautiful hidden leaves to enjoy and it was such a treat to do so with out the bulk of winter clothing.

In the middle of our time together, we made our way up to the beautiful Mazza Chautauqua Cellars, (of which Anna’s brother is the manager). The architecture and feel of the place became a perfect fit for our remaining time together. What a fun couple!

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This family is so beyond beautiful!  After capturing sweet little Kylie two years ago, it was so exciting to see how much she has grown, what a strunning little girl!  This shoot was extra special, because I was able to meet her new handsome little brother, and capture them all as a family of four!  Here are just a few early edits, as I begin working through their images …



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