Getting creative with light …

I have been blessed to be featured in many different magazines and websites in the last several years. I have not had a chance to write in regards to many of them, (hopefully I can some cold winter day), but in the mean time a few can be found in the Featured In tab at the top of my site. It is always an honor to be noticed, and to see my work in media or in print.

I was a guest writer for Inspire Me Baby today, as I wrote about how I utilize natural light in capturing my client’s images … This is a screenshot of my article on the front page below … Feel free to click the following like to read my suggestions: Harnessing Natural Light

LaPorte Jewelers | jamestown, ny commerical photographer

Last week I had the opportunity to set up a photo shoot for LaPorte Jewelers, (a division of Edward J. and Co). Within the last year they have opened a very unique, classy, and modern retail store in Lancaster, PA and were looking for images to further their brand.

I was so fortunate to find a beautiful refurbished mansion which worked so well as a location for our indoor shoot. The architecture, old world feel, and large windows, gave us alot of elements to play off of, and just enough natural light to get a large variety of romantic, sweet, and dramatic shots.

I was asked to provide a few early edits, that the company could potentially use in one of their current publications. They decided on the sweet mother/daughter image found in the resulting publication below. It is always fun to see my work in print!


The rest of the images will be used in future advertisements and promotional materials. The shoot resulted in nearly 100 final images, and I tried to be selective in the one’s I chose for this post, but as usual I failed to keep it short. Here are the images I narrowed it down to … highlighting the beautiful jewelry, and a few of my amazing clients who gave their time to model for us!


Sweet little 7 day old Owen | olean, ny newborn photographer

I have so many shoots, that I have yet to post even one picture from! This time of year is crazy: designing Christmas card, shooting, editing, and getting print orders all wrapped up (ha,ha -literally!) in time for Christmas. I am hoping after the holidays to get my site all up to date, and get in the routine of regular posting! For now, enjoy these early edits from this afternoon’s newborn session!

Fanara Girls | jamestown, ny child photographer

I had the opportunity to meet these two beautiful little ladies when I first captured their family in the fall of 2010.   I was thrilled when they called to schedule this year!  It is always so lovely to have repeat clients for so many reasons, but one of my favorite is to see how small one’s have grown.  These girls are now one year older, and so very pretty!