I rarely post personal images on here, however in this case I just can’t resist. My sister planned her wedding for the week before Christmas, which has made for an un-precedented season of busy!

My son, husband, and I were in the wedding party and we had plenty to do on the big day! I was happy to enjoy a camera free afternoon/evening, put work aside, and take it in!

At one point just before the reception, I took about 5 minutes to grab a few pictures of my own of the happy couple. My sister is truly blessed to have found the man she has prayed for!

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It is that time of year … where print orders, and Christmas cards, have me a bit overwhelmed!! I LOVE that so much of my work is going to be used to surprise and gift the families of my clients. It make me so happy to play even a small part in the joy of gift’s given throughout the holidays. Christmas cards are fun, because they are sent all over the world, and sometimes the only picture family and friends might receive.

My Christmas cards are linen, (I love linen paper!) … double sided custom designed, 5 x 7 cards … This one is on my desktop right now (top image is front, second is back) …

I am so grateful to all of my clients that have made 2012 a busy and enjoyable year!

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I had the privledge of meeting sweet little Dominic and his family yesterday, while capturing his newborn images in his home.  He was awake and needing to be near his mother most of our entire time together, (which was several hours), and she handled her own recovery and the needs of her kiddos so gracefully.  They are both such loving parents, and have created a lovely family!  A few from yesterday … 🙂

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