Bethany – Portfolio Images | chautauqua county family photographer

This sweet 12 year old was so fun to work with, as we captured portfolio images in order to further her interests in theatre!


Cindy Stravato - July 2, 2012 - 1:25 pm

Bethany is our granddaughter; we are so used to seeing her pictured in wonderful, albeit funny, family situations. Your pictures of her are breathtaking. You have truly captured her beauty.
Thank you!

Stoddard Family – jamestown, ny family photographer

It is always a huge blessing to spend time with any of my friends from college.   It was such an amazing four years of growth, learning, and fun!  Since that time though, we  have all spread our homes across the country, and at different times the world; so being geographically anywhere near each other is hard to come by, and always a treat.  It is even sweeter still, when I get to meet their children, and see them embrace new roles as wives, mothers, and women.   I had one such opportunity a few weeks ago, when my sweet friend Joy and her husband’s parents and grand-parents were in the area, and in need of generational pictures.  What a wonderful loving family my dear friend has been blessed with!  Here are just a few!

… Love the first image of sweet little Eli with his Great-Grandparents!

Baby Graham – 12 days old | findley lake, newborn and family photographer

The combination of great music, hearing my sweet son playing in his room, and this beautiful family on my desktop, had me smiling all afternoon.  So much joy, life, and love!

“Children are a blessing from the Lord … ” Psalm 127:3


Rob Sigler - July 3, 2012 - 7:44 pm

These images are incredible! I’m such a fan of your work…congrats on your success!

Rob :)

alana - November 1, 2012 - 8:15 pm

that first image is beautiful!

Getting creative with light …

I have been blessed to be featured in many different magazines and websites in the last several years. I have not had a chance to write in regards to many of them, (hopefully I can some cold winter day), but in the mean time a few can be found in the Featured In tab at the top of my site. It is always an honor to be noticed, and to see my work in media or in print.

I was a guest writer for Inspire Me Baby today, as I wrote about how I utilize natural light in capturing my client’s images … This is a screenshot of my article on the front page below … Feel free to click the following like to read my suggestions: Harnessing Natural Light

LaPorte Jewelers | jamestown, ny commerical photographer

Last week I had the opportunity to set up a photo shoot for LaPorte Jewelers, (a division of Edward J. and Co). Within the last year they have opened a very unique, classy, and modern retail store in Lancaster, PA and were looking for images to further their brand.

I was so fortunate to find a beautiful refurbished mansion which worked so well as a location for our indoor shoot. The architecture, old world feel, and large windows, gave us alot of elements to play off of, and just enough natural light to get a large variety of romantic, sweet, and dramatic shots.

I was asked to provide a few early edits, that the company could potentially use in one of their current publications. They decided on the sweet mother/daughter image found in the resulting publication below. It is always fun to see my work in print!


The rest of the images will be used in future advertisements and promotional materials. The shoot resulted in nearly 100 final images, and I tried to be selective in the one’s I chose for this post, but as usual I failed to keep it short. Here are the images I narrowed it down to … highlighting the beautiful jewelry, and a few of my amazing clients who gave their time to model for us!