I captured Jake’s older sister Crystal’s senior pictures several years ago, so I was excited to hear from his family; that they were now looking to book a session for Jake.

This handsome HS Senior spends his weekend’s go-kart racing.  This is such a big part of his life, and so it was nice to make it a part of our session.  We had to work with a bit of unexpected rain, (for this shot and others) but what a fun and talented young man! IMG_0312cwblog

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The picture above is quite out of character for my blog, and not my own work (photographer unknown).  This is an image of my great-great grandparents Cloyd and Flossie taken about a century ago.  I never knew them … and without this picture having been in my parent’s home, I probably would not even have known “of them”.  They are part of my story though. Certainly an excuse for a day I am feeling irritable -it must be in the gene’s … 😉

The classic question … what would you grab in a fire?  Aside from people and pets, the common answer used to be photos … they are our stories.  Proof of life, love, special moments, and great adventures.  They are tangible.  Just as the written word carries power, so do our printed images. There is something about a photograph that begs to be kept. They carry with them a nostalgia. It feels impossible to dispose of one, even of someone un-known.  Who did they love? What where they about? What is their story?

We now live in a world surrounded by cameras, and this is such a wonderful thing!  Capturing whom and what we love has become SO much easier!  The result is that there are so many more images than what could have been captured, just a few years ago.  Shots that are special getting lost among the mundane. Hard drives, jump drives, memory cards are full and stored away. It feels nice to just “have them” … but how much better if we could enjoy them! To display them on our walls and re-live happy moments. For children to see themselves daily inside a family picture as a reminder that “they belong”. To have them in albums that we can share, that will last.

I am all for “having the images” on a disc or in digital form,  I sell them that way, and promote it! After making an investment in a custom photo shoot, I love for clients to own all of the resulting images- to (hopefully) print and distribute to love one’s.  The problem with leaving images in that form, is that technology comes to change so rapidly. Our images and files will likely not be accessible to those (or even ourselves) in the future. What if this image above were to be on a floppy disk, which would have been modern just 20 year ago. I would not have a way to access it and certainly not be aware of it and know of my ancestors.

Not all pictures are meant to be displayed, and making the effort to have a professional capture yourself and your family, can ensure you have great photographs to enjoy, that tell your story, and that will endure.

Regardless of the means, when you find an image(s) that represents who you are, who you love, (hopefully taken by myself – ha!)  I hope you as the reader might now think to print it, or order it as such.  For yourself and for the generations that might know you and of you … 🙂

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